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About the Tee Nut

So welcome to The TEE Nut store/site/blog/etc.

Doing this store/website/blog has been quite an adventure for me. This has been a true labor of love. For those of you on here that know me personally, you probably know or have guessed that I have a ‘thing’ for t-shirts. You RARELY see me wearing anything but. I buy t-shirts wherever I go, I buy them as gifts for friends, I am constantly on the lookout for new tees. I LOVE T-SHIRTS!!  Hence the name…the Tee nut.

T-shirts are kind of like my ‘mood ring’. On any given day I might choose a t-shirt that is inspirational, makes me laugh, makes a statement, might be a little irreverent (gasp!), or it just fits me really well and I feel good wearing it (for those low self-esteem days). So that is what you will find in my store in terms of designs…I hope you like them as much as I do!

On the technical end of this little endeavor, you need to know that I have had trouble in the past setting up email accounts and figuring out how to use the latest ‘smart’ phones, so for me to put together a shopify store, a website using wordpress (had never even heard of that before) and a blog and have them all talk to each other real nice….well, if I had any hair on my head it would certainly all be gone by now ;-) I have taken every effort to make sure everything works properly, but if you discover something that doesn’t, just please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

There you have it, I live in New Orleans so there will inevitably be some NOLA specific designs. If you see something you like or something someone you love would like, feel free to give it a go..I’ll love you forever! SWEAR. And PLEASE share this with friends, family, co-workers, etc...etc...etc.

If it all works correctly (fingers crossed) there should be a SUBSCRIBE button somewhere to sign up for my newsletter/updates/new designs/whatever. If you do give me your email address I promise that I will not fill your email box up with a bunch of bullsxxt (far too lazy for that anyway) and I will be the only person privy to that address. I’m kinda stingy that way. Oh and bonus points for those of you who do sign up for updates, I love to give good customers discount codes and freebies…just an FYI.

One last thing...I am pledging $1.00 from each tee sold to Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue. For more info please see the About Me and Ginger page.

Thanks for checkin’ me out….hope you got a chuckle, or inspired, or moved, or something ;-)


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